SOCAR explains the increase in the price of gasoline AI 95

Baku/09.04.14/Turan : SOCAR has explained the reasons for increase in gasoline prices. State-owned company claims that gasoline Aİ- 98  has never been  produced in Azerbaijan , and its selling price has never  been regulated by the state.

As  for the increase  on April 1, 2014 liberalization prices  for AI 95 , then this is due to " multiple growth of consumption in the country of high-octane gasoline and the adequacy of existing production capacity level of consumption ."Therefore, production of gasoline Aİ- 95 was suspended at the refinery named after Heydar Aliyev , and equipment stopped for repairs. Renovated plant will resume production of gasoline, promises to SOCAR.

The state company also denies that the  increase in prices is  associated with the acquisition by SOCAR refinery assets abroad and supplying the Azerbaijani market with  products of these plants. SOCAR claims that it has no shares of any refineries abroad.

It is also indicates that the liberalization of prices for gasoline brands «Aİ- 95 Premium» and Aİ- 98 " will allow oil traders , on the free market , and import high quality products and meet the needs of the market based on fair competition ."

 AI 95 is being sold now for 93 gepik per liter instead of 80 gepik .

Former increase for gasoline prices took place December 3, 2013 , when prices rose by 20%.—16D-


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