The Baku drugstore revealed the illegal sale of strong drugs

Baku / 14.11.17 / Turan: In connection with the detection of sales in the pharmacy owned by the company "Best Pharma" in Baku at street A. Sharifzadeh 148 of potent drugs a pharmacist working at the site Natig Ismayilov prosecuted, stated in the joint communication of the capital's police and the prosecutor's office.

Ismayilov is accused of illegally selling without prescription psychotropic drugs "Royal" with 225 mg of tramadol and 7 tablets "Paden" with pregobalin.

He was charged under the Article 240.2.2 (repeated illicit trafficking of strong or poisonous substances for marketing purposes.) A measure of restraint in the form of an arrest was chosen for the pharmacist.

Strongly active drugs were stored in a specially organized secret place in the pharmacy, where it was found and seized potent drugs of various compositions for the amount of over 40,000 manats.

Ilham Yusifov, the owner of the pharmacy is attracted to the case as defendant under the Articles 308.1 and 240.3.2. He is wanted. -05D06--

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