The court blocked the site

Baku / 07.08.18 / Turan: Today the Sabail District Court decided to block the site The judge Shahin Abdullayev adopted such a decision on the basis of the appeal of the Electronic Security Center of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, according to the head of the website Vugar Gurdganli. His lawyers asked the court to postpone the proceedings so that they could learn in detail the appeal of the plaintiff. However, the court refused. Representatives of the ministry said that the articles entitled "Assistant to the President Ali Hasanov may be appointed Chairman of AZTB" (published August 3, 2018), "The Press Council presented its Congress on the birthday of Ali Hasanov" (March 10, 2018); "Ali Hasanov is a person who incorrectly informs Ilham Aliyev" (February 1, 2018); "Who and why closed the APA?" (August 3, 2018) contain slander and lies.

According to them, the site's management was warned, but did not remove the specified articles on time.

However, the site's management stated that the warning was received at 01:00 on August 6, and until 9 am it was physically impossible to delete the publication. In addition, they did not contain slander. As a result, the court granted the submission of the Ministry of Communications and decided to block the site. -06D-

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