Rüfət Səfərov

Rüfət Səfərov

Baku/13.05.22/Turan: The father of human rights activist Rufat Safarov received threats by phone.

“Today, there was a call from the presidential administration to my father  Eldar sabiroglu, on behalf of an official. He was threatened that if I went to the rally on May 14, I would be detained and they would not let me go,” Safarov told Turan.

Safarov did not specify who specifically called his father. “The name and position of this person are known. I spoke to my father openly. My father has serious health problems and after the threats, his  health worsened even more. If necessary, I will give the name of this official,” Safarov said.

He noted that he would take part in a peaceful rally on May 14 in protest against the increased physical attacks on activists and journalists.

The organizers plan to start the protest action at 15.00 from the Fountain Square and march from there to the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs warned that in the event of an uncoordinated action, it would be stopped by the police.

Rufat Safarov, who heads the NGO "Protection Line", is one of the organizers of the Saturday action. -03B06-

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