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Photo TURAN.

Baku/02.02.22/Turan: The wife of a political prisoner, an activist of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan, Agyl Humbatov, held a protest rally in front of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population on February 2. Aygun Humbatova brought three children to the picket, the eldest of which, an eight-year-old boy, suffers from a congenital disease of the nervous system. Humbatova demanded consideration of her complaint about red tape with the appointment of a monthly allowance for her sick child, the punishment of bureaucrats in the medical commission, and the release of her husband.

She and her children were invited to the ministry. Leaving the building, Aygun Humbatova said that she was asked to bring form N88, after which the issue of granting the child allowance would be resolved. This was confirmed to Turan in the press service of the ministry.

According to Humbatova, after her husband's conviction last year, the family found itself in a hopeless situation. In order to receive sickness allowance for a child, she must undergo a medical examination, take tests, etc. But she has no one to leave two children at home to take a third one with her and with him bypass, more than once, various authorities to determine the disability of a sick son.

“The state sentenced her husband to 10 years. I am on maternity leave, I do not receive money, I do not work, we have no one to help, we live in a dilapidated house. How can I bypass all medical institutions to obtain a disability for a child, if there are no funds not only for transport, but also for the food of children?” Aygun Humbatova told Turan.

In November 2021, the Baku Serious Crimes Court sentenced Agil Humbatov, a member of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, to 10 years in prison. He was convicted for stabbing neighbor Mammadov, the verdict reads.  The Article 126.2.4 (intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm in a generally dangerous way out of hooligan motives) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan was applied to him, providing for up to 12 years in prison. At first, Humbatov pleaded guilty, but then during the investigation he announced that he did not participate in the conflict, did not fight or stabbed, but a falsified criminal case to punish him for his active opposition activities. Humbatov retracted his initial testimony, saying he gave it under torture.

Agyl Humbatov was detained on August 11 last year and charged under  the Article 126.2.4 (causing grievous bodily harm in a dangerous way out of hooligan motives) of the Criminal Code. In particular, he was accused of stabbing a resident of the Zira village, Yamen Mammadov.

However, according to human rights activists, a provocation was committed against Humbatov, and the real reason for the arrest of the activist was his criticism of the country's leadership on social networks.

A year ago, Gumbatov was imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital after criticizing the authorities on the Internet. On November 15, the court sentenced him to 10 years in prison. On February 4, the Baku Court of Appeal will consider an appeal against the sentence to Humbatov.-06В-


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