Unexpected turn in Emil Mammadov case

At today's hearing in Lankaran Court of Grave Crimes on the case of the current head of the Salyan NGO Promoting Democracy, Emil Mammadov, there was a performance of the public prosecutor.

Suddenly, the prosecutor asked for the two accused, Mamedov and a member of NGO Promoting Democracy, Tofig Gasimov, a punishment not related to imprisonment. He offered to condemn them to two years' probation, to release them in the courtroom and take a commitment from them not to leave the area.

Turan was told by Mammadov’s lawyer Fariz Namazly.

Mammadov’s lawyers asked the court to acquit Mammadov.

Gasimov’s lawyer agreed with the statement of the prosecutor.

Today at 17.00 there will be performances of the accused.

Emil Mammadov was detained by police on May 13 and charged with extortion (Article 182.2.2). Previously was arrested a member of the NGO Tofig Gasimov. For this article, both faced up to 10 years in prison.

The reason for their arrest was the testimony of district officials that allegedly Mammadov and Gasimov extorted money from them for not publishing compromising materials on them. Gasimov first gave evidence against Mammadov, but then refused of it.

Mammadov said himself that he is being persecuted by the order of the local authorities because of the information he gave to the country's leadership of corruption in the Salyan region. -03B04-

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