Açiq məmbələrdən foto.

Açiq məmbələrdən foto.

Baku/12.05.20/Turan: “Jeko Print” Publishing House has published a book by historian Aydin Balaev "Mamed Emin Rasulzade and the formation of the Azerbaijan nation-state in the early twentieth century." The book in English, Russian and Azerbaijani languages ​​presents an article published in 2015 in the London magazine "Caucasus Survey" (2015, No. 2).

The work is devoted to the role of M.E. Rasulzade in the formation of the concept of Azerbaijanism, the ideological basis for the formation of national statehood of the Azerbaijani Turks.

The book presents the idea that the formation of a nation is impossible without an appropriate ideology - created by the intellectual elite. Under this environment is the concept of national interests, which is then transmitted to the masses. In this context, nationalism, as a form of expression of national interests, is a project to create a nation, designed by intellectuals.

In this sense, M.E. Rasulzade made a decisive contribution to the formation of the modern Azerbaijani nation. The book is dedicated specifically to the activities of M.E. Rasulzade in this direction. -02D-


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