Endless Corridor - Documentary about Khojaly Tragedy

Baku / 26.02.18 / Turan: The Azerbaijani version of the Lithuanian documentary film Endless Corridor will be shown on the state television channel AZTV on February 26 at 21:00.

This documentary investigation is devoted to the causes and details of the Khojaly tragedy by the example of direct participants in the events - the residents of Khojaly, journalists who covered those events and direct participants in the hostilities - the Armenian separatists.

An in-depth analysis is made and facts and testimonies are given in the movie, leaving no doubt as to who committed the massacres.

The movie also makes a historical digression on the sources of hostility between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, and the role of external forces in this.

The English version of this film won numerous awards at international festivals. The off-screen text in the film is read by the famous British actor, Oscar winner Jeremy Irons.

In the Azerbaijani version, the text is read by the People's Artist of Azerbaijan Rafig Huseynov (the movie was the last work of this famous artist).

The director and producer of the movie is the Lithuanian documentary maker Aleksandras (Andrius) Brokas.

During the filming, archives of the Turan news agency were used. -02B-

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