World Level from Stanley Clarke

Connoisseurs of modern music that came to the concert by Stanley Clarke within the Baku Jazz Festival can be called lucky. The stars of this level do not often visit Baku, so it will not be an exaggeration to say that the concert on October 28 was the pinnacle of the festival. The last performance of this level was at a concert of George Benson a few years ago.

As expected, Stanley Clarke denied the famous saying of the hero of the popular Azerbaijani comedy, “Should I perform alone, should I play the double bass alone?”

One can give a concert, playing a bass solo - and not just solo, but also octaves, chords, and even a percussion instrument.

For the sake of accuracy, it should be noted that the classic jazz in the performance by Clarke and his quartet was 10-15 percent, and everything else was a mixture of styles that music critics call jazz fusion rock. Therefore, listening to the quartet, one unwittingly imagined Chick Corea, or Ol DiMeola or John McLaughlin on the stage.

Therefore, Clarke can be easily considered an innovator that does not avoid anything and, thanks to his talent and taste, just makes candy out of everything.

Besides the solo double bass by Clarke, the quartet included two musicians that impressed the listeners not less. These were the 18-year-old Georgian pianist Beka Gochiashvili and the 19-year-old drummer Michael Mitchell. Both now can be considered outstanding talents, demonstrating world class.

As to Stanley Clarke, amazing was his ability to play everything, including classical pieces with solos on bass. This is possible not only because of the taste and talent of the arranger, but also due to the gorgeous hands. Even at a distance of 50 meters were seen these long and slender fingers, hugging the bass neck like snakes.

Striking was also the "crazy" African temperament of the 63-year-old singer and his young drummer.

Clarke did not present new pieces. The concert consisted of several well-known songs and several new interpretations. Representing one of his compositions, the musician said that he is often bought music for films. "But these films are so horrible that they spoil the music. After listening to my compositions separately from the movies, I hope you appreciate them," he joked. In response, the appreciative audience arranged ovation for the musician with dancing and shouts of Bravo. -02B-




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