More cardinal steps are needed for the reform of the state administration - E.Namazov

Baku / 06.06.17 / Turan: The reorganization of the presidential administration of Azerbaijan is an important step, however, the system of state administration is not being reformed by one order, the political scientist Eldar Namazov said in an interview with the Turin program of the Cətin Sual. At the same time, he positively assessed the appointment of the heads of the administration departments directly as presidential aides. Earlier they were deputy heads of the administration, which complicated the already complicated and great management system.

However, he does not agree with the liquidation of the military affairs department and the transfer of this direction to the law enforcement department. In his opinion, the supervision of military and law enforcement bodies should be divided, especially in a belligerent country.

Namazov believes that further steps are needed to reform the management system. He drew attention to the fact that the ministers and heads of state committees appointed by the president are forced to work with the head of administration, the department heads of the administration, the prime minister, vice-premiers, and departments of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Examples of the ineffectiveness of this great system were the billions of embezzlements at the International Bank and lawlessness in the former MNS. In the presence of such a large number of supervising bodies, all this was not avoided.

Namazov believes that after the establishment of the institute of the first vice-president and vice-presidents, the need for the Cabinet is no longer necessary.

In the US - the leading world power is the Cabinet of Ministers. There are ministers appointed by the president. Assistants to the president in the US help the head of state to determine the strategy in various directions, and the ministers implement them. Therefore, a serious reduction of the bureaucratic apparatus will ensure a real separation of powers, the independence of the court.

Namazov considers important the development of representative democracy.

Even in Soviet times there were councils that dealt with issues of everyday life of people, controlled officials. Now even the capital does not have its own representative body. As a result, issues of city life, including major projects, are resolved without the participation of its population and specialists.

An example of such a bad policy Namazov called measures for improvement in the area of ​​the former "Soviet" street. So, the National Drama Theater turned into an island among highways with a lively traffic. Approaching to the theater now is a real problem. -03C06 ---

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