Azerbaijan buys large-capacity vehicles in Belarus

JSC Daskesan Filizsaflasdirma buys 12 units of new dump trucks BelAZ-75131 in Belarus. The parties signed a lease agreement and guarantees.

According to the agreement between the Azerbaijani joint stock company and the leasing company Irridio Motors (subsidiary of JSC BelAZ), the Azeri side will purchase 10 units of dump trucks BelAZ-7547 with a capacity of 45 tons and 2 units of BelAZ-75131 with a carrying capacity of 140 tons. The cost of the contract has not been disclosed. Commercially available are dump trucks BelAZ-7547 at a price of U.S. $ 236,000.

The contract provides the leasing of the aforementioned equipment for 4 years to pay the full cost at 4% per annum.

JSC Daskesan Filizsaflasdirma is part of the JSC Azerbaijan Polad Istehsali Kompleksi (steel production complex). In early June, President Ilham Aliyev allocated AZN 5 million from the state budget to the Steel Production Complex to strengthen the material and technical base. The Chairman of the Board of the JSC Samir Jafarov told the media that the update trucks allow the mining company to reduce its costs by 20%. According to him, there is a preliminary agreement on the purchase of several units of vehicles in Japan and Belarus.

For 5 months of this year JSC Daskesan Filizsaflasdirma extracted 52,000 tons of iron ore, which is 27.2% less than in the comparable period of 2013.

According to the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan, in 2013 from Belarus there were delivered 1,168 tractors at a total cost of $ 24,247,400, three buses ($ 500,600) and twelve trucks ($ 1,088,000). - 08D-

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