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On February 1, 2014 in Azerbaijan began to operate the service "transfer mobile number " (Mobile number portability - MNP). Now any user can go to another operator, keeping your room . Offer about this interview the President of LLC Azercell Telecom, Cyril Gaburici, said to the portal

According to him, Azercell is technically ready for the new service and accepts applications customers wishing to switch to the network. This service should lead to an improvement in the quality of communication, diversity of services and tariff optimization. Has already received hundreds of requests from subscribers of other operators to move the numbers in this statement , and the process will continue. " We have made every effort to ensure that this process is most convenient to subscribers , opening more than 200 points receiving requests for this service both in Baku and in the regions throughout Azerbaijan . In these service points we do not only process requests for transition to our network , but also provide complete information , and explain the whole process from " A to Z" all interested in this service," said Gaburici .

In each country, the introduction of this service must be specific. There are many factors playing a role, such as the degree of penetration of mobile communications, the share of multi-SIM subscribers, the presence of specific segments and, of course , the socio- economic indicators . Not in last place , and customer loyalty . Leading mobile operator constantly carries out various campaign launches innovative services , introduces new tariff plans for the benefit of subscribers. In 2013, introduced such innovations as the regional tariff plan , the new tariff packages 3G and 4G, various roaming discounts etc. Recently reduced on average by 30% tariffs for international calls in any direction, launched a campaign for prepaid subscribers with the ability to speak two days free for a week. All these efforts are made by our team for more pleasant customer experience and most beneficial use of our services.

According to Gaburici , the local market is no improper methods of struggle for the subscriber. Company Azercell, based on the practice of their colleagues from TeliaSonera Group, passed all the stages that accompany the launch and implementation services MNP, the company initiated the creation of the " Staff MNP", where any arising in the course of the problem is solved with the highest priority . The project to implement MNP, which was an important part of the expansion of the network by 20% during the year, Azercell has won as much as half of the year. This breakthrough allowed to provide high quality standards even greater number of customers who choose to join Azercell through MNP.

With regard to improving Internet services , the company president 's emphasis on all-data, is real for some Western and Asian markets . In 2013, traffic growth in Azercell network was 120%. We are talking about 4.8 million gigabytes of data transported by the network last year. In the same context, grows not only traffic, but also the number of active users of mobile Internet. Every second client Azercell consumes high-speed mobile Internet on a regular basis . This increase is primarily associated with the dynamics of modern life and, of course , with the ever-increasing popularity and development of the smartphone market , allowing you to perform a variety of functions necessary for work and entertainment consumers.

According to the president, he set a goal to maximize the 3G network in the country for uninterrupted use of the mobile Internet even for those subscribers who are on the road. Investments in network 4G are contribution to the development of new technological services, allowing subscribers to facilitate your life or business. It is , for example, innovations such as the " Smart House " based on M2M technology , which was presented at the annual exhibition Azercell BakuTel 2013 . It is in this context extend existing since 2012 4G network in the entire city of Baku and virtually the whole Absheron peninsula. Due to the significant expansion of the network and updated fourth generation mobile internet packages that have become absolutely universal. - 17D-

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