Britons will tell how to better manage company"s assets

The Institute of Standardization and Certification of Azerbaijan together with specialists from the British Standards Institution (BSI) will hold training in Baku on July 7 on the standard ISO 55001-2014, defining system requirements for asset management at companies.

The training will provide extensive information about the basics of asset management requirements of ISO 55001 and aspects of its audit. The training objective is to assist companies to improve management efficiency of their infrastructure and other assets.

The ISO 55001 standard of "asset management system" was accepted by the International Standards Organization in January this year. It was adopted on the basis of the PAS 55 standard, which was developed by the British Institute of Asset Management and BSI in 2014. This standard allows companies to leverage their assets to achieve strategic business objectives.

The training is provided for managers and employees of large public and private companies that have large infrastructure and will end on July 10. According to the results, the participants will pass the exam and receive an international certificate. - 08D-

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