Government spends funds on typical projects

The executive power of Absheron district concluded a contract with LLC Architecture and Design for the development of design and estimate documentation for the construction of six kindergartens, nurseries in Khirdalan and four other villages of the district.

According to information released by the State Agency on Procurement, all preschool education will consist of six groups. For the development of each project and design company in Sumgait will receive 30,000 manat.

The Head of the Public Association Promoting Economic Initiatives, Azer Mehdiyev believes that such an approach to the question is not appropriate in terms of budget savings. "The selection of a contractor for the development of model projects for the construction of social facilities should be done once a certain state structure. Unfortunately, the government is addressing the issue is not effective."

According to official data, the existing kindergartens satisfy about 23% of the demand for preschool education. Until 2020 the level of pre-school education will be 90%.

In February this year, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation presented a program of enterprise development of preschool education. Government programs for socio-economic development of regions and Baku and surrounding settlements provided for the construction of dozens of kindergartens. Only in Baku there is a need to build additional 1100-1500 kindergartens.

From this year to promote the construction of private enterprises preschool this activity is exempt from taxes for 10 years. - 08B-

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