Growing foreign currency accounts of residents

Residents of local banks have begun to open more deposit accounts in foreign currency. By June 1, these funds were equivalent to 3 272.8 million (14.65% YTD).

Number of outstanding cash deposits and medium-checks on the 1st of June this year was 19 968.6 million (+3.52% YTD). According to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA), in May, the mass M3 expanded by 0.89%.

The largest share of the money supply is in cash - 10 207.2 million (minus 2.41%).

Monetary aggregate M1 (cash, check deposits and funds in settlement and current accounts) amounted to 12 545.8 million (minus 1.5%).

M2 money supply (M1 + time deposits) on June 1, 2014 amounted to 16 695.7 million (1.59%). - 17D-

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