Last year, Metro mastered 500 million manat of public investment

Last year, the Ministry of Finance allocated for the development of the Baku Metro 556 million manats.

According to the Law "On the state budget of Azerbaijan for 2013 " , submitted for approval by Milli Majlis of the next sitting of Parliament , 496 million manats of this sum amounted to public investment (the example is a four-time, yet not completed repair of the station 28 May).

The document said that the investment funds is intended for the construction of the third metro line Electrical Depot – Bus Station - Memar Ajami -2 - B-3 - B-4 - B-5, for the construction of branches Hazi Aslanov - Y-18 - Yeni Guneshli and construction of the third shift of the northern section of underground. In addition, funds have been invested in the construction of the branch Khatai - Hazi Aslanov-2, the reconstruction of the metro station 28 May in the construction of a second subway station exit at Elmler Akademiyasi, as well as the purchase of new subway cars and equipment.

The remaining 60 million manat was allocated to the subway from the Reserve Fund of the Cabinet. The goal is building the metro line Electrical Depot – Bus Station - Memar Ajami-2 - B-3" - B-4 - B-5 and the branch Khatai - Hazi Aslanov-2.

Baku Metro commissioned in 1967 consists of two lines and 23 stations. The annual volume of passenger traffic on this mode of transport is 200 million people (40 million manat).

This year commissioning of the first two stations of the third ("purple") metro line – Bus Station and Memar Ajami-2 is planned, and in 2015-2016 - three more stations are to be launched.

According to the president voiced plans, by 2030 the total number of subway stations in Baku will be 76 with total length of 109 km. -17D-

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