Low-income families cannot use electronic signature when applying for targeted social assistance

Acquisition of an electronic signature when applying for targeted social assistance may be free in case of approval of the proposal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Azerbaijan by the Government.

According to the head of the Ministry, Salim Muslimov, at a technical workshop of the European Network of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) on improving the quality and coverage of electronic services in the welfare schemes, now purchase of an e-signature is worth 18 manat, which is not feasible for poor families.

At the same time, he believes that automation of pension payments and a wide network of ATMs allows pensioners to receive their pensions even in the most remote villages of the country. However, to increase the mobility of social benefits, setting of ATMs at the postal operator Azerpoct is stipulated for pensions and other social benefits.

He noted that today the social ministry provides 58 of 375 e-services, integrated into the e-government (nominally 475 services). "According to the Ministry of Communications and High Tech, in September 42 state agencies provided 333 e-services that have been used by citizens 1 million 329.4 thousand times. Of this, 1 million 171.87 thousand fell on labor services, Muslimov said. --17D-

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