Macedonia - Azerbaijan ties to escalate due to gas

Macedonia is interested in the development of bilateral relations in trade and investment with Azerbaijan, - stated the results of the negotiations the Minister of Economy and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafayev during passing in Baku Azerbaijani-Macedonian Business Forum.

Despite the strong political and diplomatic ties, the fact that the two countries signed two agreements to avoid double taxation and investment promotion, as well as set up an appropriate legal framework, countries have work to boost trade in the area, he said. According to him, the relationship between the two countries are developing successfully, especially in the political sphere.

As noted at the event, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance of Macedonia Zoran Stravreski, Azerbaijan via Macedonia can enter the European market, and Macedonia - to the Asian market.

According to experts, Macedonia are most interested in participating in the program of European energy security - she wants to be a partner in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). Under this condition, it guarantees access of Azerbaijani companies to the creation of an independent business in the EU Member State - with the ability to supply products to the European market with 650 million. Consumers.

While economic relations between countries are based on tourism and trade between the two countries is measured by $ 1 million, with imports from the Balkan countries. --17D-

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