Priorities of business in Khachmaz

The National Entrepreneurship Support Fund (NESF) has identified priority areas for lending business in Khachmaz.

As stated in the declaration of the Fund on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, it is recommended to draft special stores selling organic food. In addition, farmers are welcome to open shops, mini bakeries, meat cutting businesses and farms of intensive gardening.

Businessmen meeting the criteria may be authorized in the credit institutions to fund their projects and can rely on appropriate consultations, as well as a loan of up to 100% of the cost of the project, it is noted in the ad.

NESF was established in 1992. The agents of the Fund for loans are 46 bank and non-bank credit organizations. In 2013, the Fund disbursed subsidized loans for 275 million AZN. In 2014, the Fund plans to extend a credit in the amount of 280 mln AZN. --17D-

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