Additional issue of Rabitabank

The local JSC Rabitabank has started placing additional shares totaling 4 499 977.07 manat.

According to BSE, which provides the on-site operation, it will bring the level of the authorized capital of the bank to the Central Bank’s requirement (50 million AZN from January 1, 2015). As a result of placement of the additional issue the share capital will increase by 9.9% to 49 999 977.07 manat.

The emission is divided into 221 783 shares of the nominal value of AZN 20.29 per security. The placement of shares of the series should be completed by July 1, 2015. Underwriter of the transaction is LLC Chelsea Capital.

JSC Rabitabank with the registered capital of 45.5 million AZN was established in 1993. Shareholders are about 20 legal entities and individuals. --17D-

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