Production of plant varieties decreased by 9.2%

In the first eight months of this year, agricultural production in Azerbaijan decreased by 3.7%. This is a consequence not only of natural causes (low yields due to drought and adverse weather conditions in the spring, reducing the acreage), as well as tighter control over subsidies that revealed corruption in the process.

The committee said that this year produced 2,238,300 tons of grain (with the corn), which is 20.3% less than in January-August 2013. According to updated information, this year the area under cereals amounted to 967,200 hectares, 7.5% less than last year. This year, the grain yield was 22.8 quintals per 1 ha, which is 4 hundredweight less than in 2013.

Decreased the production of potatoes (-11.5%) and vegetables (-0.8%).

In January-August, the share of crop production in the structure of agricultural production was 51%, which is 4.7% less than in the same period of 2013.

From the beginning, the livestock product grew by 2.8%. --08D--

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