Shah Deniz consortium concluded contracts worth $1.1 billion to implement Shah-Deniz Phase-2

The Shah Deniz international consortium has signed two new contracts worth $1,144,000,000 within the framework of development of the Shah-Deniz Phase 2.

BP-Azerbaijan company’s (technical operator of the project) press release reads that the contract worth $750 million was concluded with the consortium of BOS Shelf LLC, Saipem Contracting Netherlands B.V. and Star Gulf FZCO companies to build foot blocks for two platforms, pipe piles and underwater constructions.

The works, in particular, include construction of two octo-legged foot blocks 110 meters high each. The weight of the blocs with the floating pontoons will be 13,400 and 12,300 tons, respectively. The works also include construction of 2,300 underwater constructions with a total weight of 30,000 tons. All construction works must be completed in 2017.

The construction and assembly works within this contract will be carried out at the Baku-based deep-water foundation plant. 2,750 people will be involved in these works.

The Shah Deniz consortium has also concluded a contract worth $394 million with FMC Technologies to deliver underwater production systems. The agreement envisages delivery of equipment for two production complexes at the initial stage. The complexes include underwater manifolds and related to it control units and connecting components. The works must be completed in 2017.

* The Shah Deniz Phase 2 project worth $28 million was authorized on December 17, 2013 in Baku. In the near future the contractors will start the project implementation. The Shah-Deniz partners include BP (28.8%), SOCAR (16.7%), Statoil (15.5%), ЛУКойл (10%), NICO (10%), Total (10%) and TPAO (9%).—0--

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