State buys more than 7,000 head of cattle

JSC Agroleasing announced the purchase of breeding cattle for the purpose of leasing to private entrepreneurs.

In June this year, the head of state allocated AZN 13.3 million from the Reserve Fund of the President in the state budget for 2014 to import breeding stock. With these funds, JSC Agroleasing plans to buy outside the country more than 7,000 head of cattle.

Government since 2009 updates the composition of breeding stock in private households. In the previous 5 years was allocated 31 million. Manat to purchase 10,695 head of cattle.

In JSC Agroleasing they told Turan, that the animals were purchased by about 300 households, mostly large cattle-breeding complexes.

According to regulations, the state pays 50% of the purchase price for the animals. When concluding an agreement, the farm will cover 50% of the residual value. Leasing period is 3 years. --08B-

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