Suppliers of fertilizer subsidies received another tranche

Republican Commission on agricultural subsidies has decided to allocate the state budget 5896 AZN in grants 9-fertilizer suppliers.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, subsidies provided for in connection with the implementation of 21 379.5 tons of fertilizer 11 449 agricultural producers. They were used to fertilize 143,990 hectares of land.

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the suppliers of fertilizers provided 50% of the traded volume of the product. Subsidies received JSC Agroleasing, LLC Agrokimya, Elchin, Sarkhan 2, EMA, Micro Az Feed, ABIS ALARCO, Agro Nur and IER LTD.

Note that in the March 6 suppliers of fertilizers obtained from the state 4,012,000 manat implemented 14 760.8 tons of fertilizer.

According to the State Customs Committee, in 2013 Azerbaijan was delivered 51,079 tons of fertilizer, which is 6.1% more than in 2012. - 08D -

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