Estimation the damage caused by storm in the West region (UPDATED)

Yesterday's storm in the western region caused serious damage to public and private property. Hundreds of buildings, road infrastructure, vehicles,  and agricultural enterprises have been destroyed. According to the press service of the Emergencies Ministry,  measured were taken to eliminate the consequences of the hurricane and hail in Ganja and Dashkesan region. Thanks to these measures, gas and electricity  supply has been restored in the disaster zone. The size of the damage  is being estimated.

Member of parliament Mubariz Gurbanly told Turan, that the situation in Dashkesan region  is  under control. "A lot of machinery and manpower   have been attracted to the disaster area. Firstly, communications are being restored.

Central authorities help local authorities. I hope that  funds will be allocated form the state budget for reconstruction in the region," said Gurbanly.

According to preliminary information, as a result of disaster in Ganja about 1,000 private homes were flooded, and roofs from about 100 dwellings were damaged.

According to the  head of the Executive Power of Ganja,  energy, gas, water, sewerage and telecommunications system of the city were seriously damaged; 80% of the city is without electricity.

Hurricane winds knocked on the highway over 200 perennial trees, limiting transport.-03B-

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2014 June 11 (Wednesday) 13:14:33

Unstable weather will continue in Azerbaijan until June 14. On these days storm winds, heavy rains and hail are expected, forecasters said.

On June 13 in Baku and Absheron a strong north wind is expected. The temperature will drop to 22-26 degrees. -16D-

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On the evening of June 10 in the West region of Azerbaijan there was a storm  with heavy rainfall and large hail.

The wind tore off roofs and outbuildings, power poles and felled trees, damaged cars and vehicles.

As reported by  locals, the storm caused serious damage to farmland, orchards and vegetable gardens.

"The storm came suddenly and immediately threw large hail the size of a hen's egg, which broke the entire slate roof, damaged the car and destroyed the garden," a villager in Chaykend, Goygol region, Gyulzaly Orujov told Turan.

The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that according to preliminary data, the storm caused damage to human settlements in Gey, Tartar, Barda, Yevlakh, Oguz, Agdash, Goranboy and Shamkir regions, as well as in the city of Ganja.

MOE says the hail that fell in Goygol, Dashkesen, Gadabey and Tovuz is "catastrophic", accompanied by whirlwinds and thunderstorms.

In these areas the storm disrupted electricity and damaged housing and agriculture.

Disaster relief forces and equipment of MOE is involved and the damage is estimated. -03B-

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