Armenian Journalist Becomes Adviser to Turkish Prime Minister

Turkish authorities continue steps toward normalization of their relations with Armenia. This process began in April last year after the famous appeal of Prime Minister Erdogan that was rated in the world as an important step in this direction.

Now, the current Prime Minister Davutoglu appointed a Turkish Armenian, Etienne Mahchupian, as his chief advisor. Prior to this the journalist headed the Armenian newspaper Agos, whose editor Hrant Dink was shot dead on the streets of Istanbul a few years ago.

According to Sabah, the proposal came from the Prime Minister after a meeting with members of the public. After this, Davutoglu invited Mahchupian for a separate meeting and offered the journalist to become his adviser in view of his contribution to the development of democracy, civil society and science.

Mahchupian accepted this proposal and, among other problems, he will control the issues of normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations, the paper said. -02D-

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