Azerbaijan-Armenia: U.S. Says 'Looks Forward To' Rescheduling Washington Meeting

Washington D.C./14.06.23/Turan:    The State Department said on Tuesday that it "looks forward to" rescheduling the next round of peace talks between Azerbaijan and Armenia "as soon as we can" as Spokesperson Matthew Miller put it during a daily briefing, TURAN's Washington correspondent reports.

"We look forward to hosting another round of talks in Washington as the parties continue to pursue a peaceful dialogue for the South Caucasus region," Miller told TURAN's correspondent.

The spokesperson went on to add, "As we’ve said before, we believe direct dialogue is key to resolving the remaining issues. We believe an agreement is within reach"

The meeting between Azerbaijan and Armenian foreign ministers had been expected to start in Washington this Monday, however now is uncertain despite Washington's conviction that direct dialogue is key.

When asked by TURAN whether the rescheduling of the meeting reflected the state of the negotiation process and the differences, Miller said, "not at all... It was 100 percent due to scheduling issues."

"This meeting unfortunately couldn’t go forward 100 percent due to scheduling issues, and we look forward to rescheduling it as soon as we can," he concluded.

In the meantime, the spokesperson refrained from offering any time frame other than to saying that "we look forward to holding the meeting again."

Alex Raufoglu

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