CEC officially announced the results of municipal elections

Baku / 16.01.20 / Turan: The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Azerbaijan officially announced the results of the municipal elections on December 23, 2019.

Elections were held for 15 thousand 156 seats in 1606 municipalities. 41,462 candidates ran for these seats, including representatives of 13 parties. Elections are valid in 1597 municipalities.

Based on the results of inspections, due to identified violations in nine municipalities, the election results were canceled. In addition, the voting results at 39 polling stations were canceled, and 12 precinct election commissions were dismissed.

The CEC did not disclose the party composition of the newly elected municipal councils.

However, on the evening of election day, Ali Ahmedov, executive secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, said that its candidates received a majority of the vote across the country.

Leading opposition forces refused to participate in the election. According to local observers, the elections were held in the absence of real competition. Only a few public activists were elected to the municipal councils. — 21B06-


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