Health of an activist O.Eyubzade kept in the Binagadi prison deteriorates badly

Five young activists arrested for participation in the protest on Fountain Square on December 29, stopped a hunger strike they started three days ago protesting  against torture, inhuman treatment, and poor conditions in jail.

The action was discontinued after persistent requests of the  parents  of activists. The  health of Orhan Eyubzade, the  arrested youth activist of  "Musavat" party, deteriorated badly, and as ambulance was called to the  Binagady prison several times  last day, Turan was told by Tural Abbasli, a member of the "Musavat" party.

"Even on the day of detention Orhan  was repeatedly beaten in the  Sabail district police. It continued in prison , where Orhan was handcuffed to a radiator and  for a  cold night he was kept in  such condition. On  December 31  his mother visited him in prison, and she saw signs of violence on  his hands and feet. Furthermore, Orhan Eyubzade could  hardly move;  according to information  we have, he had problems with the kidneys. Despite there is a clinic, they call an ambulance  when Orhan gets really bad," said Abbasli.

He also noted that after the change of  the leadership in  Binagady prison for administratively detained , the conditions there have deteriorated sharply. The arrested after not allowed to sit on their beds after sleep, they are forced to sit  for 15-16 hours on the wooden benches. Quality of food  for prisoners is very poor. In addition, there is not water or heating in the cells where the arrested were placed.

Besides, contrary to the rules of the prison system, which require placing  the accused or convicted of identical or similar items in the same cell, the six arrested  were placed in the cells together with drug addicts, drunks, and bullies.

Under the present situation of absence of control in jails due to holidays, the prison administration  is treating the detainees very badly, said Abbasli .

He turned to the Ombudswoman, as well as human rights activists  calling on to take measures to put an end to arbitrary treatment of young activists arrested for peaceful protest.

 The protest on December 29  was  due to the bureaucratic arbitrariness  which led a disabled Karabakh war  veteran, Zaur Hasanov, to self-immolation. —06B--

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