Musavat Demands Cancellation of Results of Parliamentary Elections

Baku / 10.02.20 / Turan: The early elections to the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan on February 9 were held in the absence of a democratic election environment, an appropriate legal framework and equal political competition. This is stated in the initial statement of the Musavat party.

The reasons for the early elections were not clearly explained, and due to the fact that the elections were called early and were suddenly appointed, the political forces and the public could not prepare. Proposals by the opposition and international bodies on electoral reform were not discussed.

Voting and the counting process were accompanied by massive violations. The parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan were not free or fair, and the announced election results do not reflect the will of the people. The Milli Majlis, formed through falsifications, cannot fulfill the functions of the legislative body of the Azerbaijan Republic, the statement says.

Musavat requires:

- cancel the results of early elections for the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan on February 9;

- implement real political reforms in the country;

- create pre-election democratic conditions;

- provide fundamental freedoms;

- immediately release political prisoners;

- upgrade the Electoral Code, taking into account the proposals of the opposition and international organizations;

- create conditions for equal political competition.

In conclusion, the party is demanding new parliamentary elections. —06D-


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