"Musavat" Party abolished protest action on October 21

Baku / 19.10.17 / Turan: The board of the "Musavat" party discussed the situation in connection with the refusal of the Baku Executive Power to coordinate the procession that it appointed for October 21. The party found the arguments of the city authorities that the procession would create obstacles to the movement of traffic and pedestrians not wealthy. For, during the conduct of various international sports and other events, obstacles to traffic are created for days on end. In fact, the authorities, by prohibiting marches, are guided by their own anti-democratic interests, limiting the capabilities of their political competitors.

"Musavat" regarded the actions of the city authorities as a violation of the Constitution and the law on freedom of assembly. The party found it unacceptable to hold a rally at a stadium in Yasamal district, as the authorities suggested. At the same time, considering that the conducting an inconsistent procession "can be used by the authorities for forceful actions and thus further aggravating fear in society," the party canceled the action scheduled for October 21.

However, the party will continue to struggle in the political and legal spheres to ensure freedom of assembly in the country. -06B-

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