Photo TURAN.

Photo TURAN.

Baku/12.04.22/Turan: Today, activists of the Azerbaijan Democracy and Welfare Party held a protest against Russian aggression in Ukraine. The action was planned in front of the Russian embassy in Baku, but the reinforced police squads did not allow the protesters to approach the embassy, ​​since the authorities did not sanction the picket.

The police began to push the protesters away from the embassy, ​​demanding to disperse and accompanied them for several hundred meters. The protesters told reporters that they had come to protest against the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the massacres of the inhabitants of this country.

“Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel are the continuation of the Khojaly genocide,” one of the protesters said. Another protester said that "the army that committed war crimes in Ukraine cannot be peacekeeping and the Russian military must be withdrawn from Karabakh."  The protesters also demanded an end to the Russian war in Ukraine and the withdrawal of the Russian army from this country.

There were no clashes with the police and no arrests. -06B-

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