Prison Service on the Status of Tofig Yagublu

Baku/13.04.20/Turan: The transfer of the arrested oppositionist Tofig Yagublu to a medical institution depends on the opinion of the doctors, stated the head of the public relations department of the Prison Service, in response to a request from Turan about the deterioration of the health of Yagublu.

“If there is a doctor’s opinion and there is a need, he will be transferred to a medical institution. There is also a hospital in the pre-trial detention center. If treatment is possible in a hospital, he will be transferred there,” Sadigov said.

Tofig Yagublu was arrested on trumped-up charges of hooliganism on March 22. Representatives of many international organizations condemned his arrest and called for the immediate release of the politician. — 21B06-


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