Rufat Safarov Released (updated)

Baku / 18.02.20 / Turan: The former investigator and public activist detained on February 18, Rufat Safarov, was released several hours later. He announced this himself.

According to Safarov, on Tuesday afternoon, he was detained when he left the house.

“Two men came up to me. They twisted my arms and put me in a car. I was brought to the "city department" (Baku Main Police Department). They kept me here for three hours in a car and threatened me. Then I was taken to the Bianagadi district police department. There they demanded that I stop "bad performances." But they did not specify what kind of speeches or publications they were talking about. Then, they said that “this is the last warning” and let me go,” Safarov said.

The head of the press service, Elshad Hajiyev, responding to a request from Turan, noted that he did not have information on this matter. He said he could answer the question by checking the information only on Wednesday.   –21B-

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2020 February 18 (Tuesday) 19:29:53

Rufat Safarov  detained

Baku / 18.02.20 / Turan: Former investigator, current public activist Rufat Safarov was detained on February 18 by civilians and taken to an unknown direction, said his father Eldar Sabiroglu. He said that the incident happened at around 5pm and he cannot contact his son after  detention. According to the information, on February 16, there were posts in front of Rufat Safarov's house. According to some media, the reason for Safarov's detention may be related to his status as a writer. 

Elshad Hajiyev, a spokesman for the Baku City Police Department, said he had no information about the matter. The Ministry of Internal Affairs could not be reached for comment.-0-


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