The court accepted complaint against Eldaniz Guliyev

Today the Nasimi District Court of Baku started considering the complaint against the Chairman of the Association of the intelligentsia, Movie Director Eldaniz Guliyev.

The judge in the case is Khanum Hasanova.

As Eldaniz Guliyev told Turan, the decision was made without his lawyer.

The preparatory meeting is scheduled for September 8.

Recall that the Interior Minister Ramil Usubov filed a private complaint, accusing Eldaniz Guliyev of slander and insult (Article 147.1-148) and requesting to bring him to justice.

The suit is on the appeal by Eldaniz Guliyev to Interior Minister on social networks, where he complained about the actions of the traffic police.

Guliyev said the accusations are absurd. "How can you file a claim for a status in Facebook? In fact, no names are indicated in the status.

  Who is offended, if no names were called? All of this is a political order to silence opposition and active citizens," said the movie director. -03B04-

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