Eldar Namazov: We Will Face Serious Ordeals

The Movement "EL" will not become a "third force" but will focus on all the values of democracy, which are ignored by the authorities, said Eldar Namazov, Chair of the Organizing Committee the Movement "EL", in an interview with "Objective TV".

A few years ago, the citizens of Azerbaijan could choose between authoritarian rule and democracy, but now the state apparatus is uncontrollable, and high-ranking officials do whatever they want.

Instead of seeking to understand the sentiments expressed in the mass protests in the Ismailli region, and earlier, in the region of Guba, authorities look to identify the guilty among the political opposition and civil society.

Leadership of the Movement "EL"  approved the initiative of the U.S. Congress on the "Magnitsky list" and the initiative of the European Parliament about cutting back the rights of corrupt officials (in particular, from Azerbaijan.)

In a presentation scheduled for February the Movement EL plans to "wake up" the largest number of citizens, to inform them about the dangers that are created with corruption. Today, approximately 15% of voters are involved in elections (with an enabled "Carousel"), most of them are convinced to take part by the representatives of communal housing services. 

If people realize the necessity of participating elections, the CEC will have to stop fraud, and democratic reforms will be inevitable. Namazov proposes changes to the Electoral Code whereby the results of exit poll and alternative vote count will be considered when evaluating election results.

He does not agree with the view that if authorities have colluded with international organizations, civil society must observe silently. "We need an independent, fair judicial system. Authorities should respect the right of citizens to make a choice, the accountability of governmental institutions to the community, the transparency of budget expenditures are necessary.”

The Movement "EL" will be closer to the voters than all other political entities. It will be based on the ground not by the principle of administrative and social networks, it will be the most active user," said Namazov.

Referring to government pressure on the leadership of the Forum of Intellectuals, he said that pressure on playwright Rustam Ibrahimbekov, and Union of Cinematographers led by him, and other famous people is centrally initiated.

People creating political structures know that they will be under permanent pressure, not only of a political nature.  They attempted to arrest Rustam Ibrahimbekov, and after the presentation the Movement EL its leaders will face serious threats from authorities, said Namazov. -17D-


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