Azerbaijani Athlete Ramil Guliyev Brings Gold Medal to Turkey

Baku / 11.08.17 / Turan: The Azerbaijani track and field athlete Ramil Guliyev, who performs for Turkey, became the champion in the 200-meter running race at the World Championships held in London. He showed the result 20.09 seconds.

Guliyev"s success was a surprise, because favorites of the finals were Weid van Niekerk from South Africa and the record holder of Africa Isaac Makvala from Botswana. Guliyev beat van Niekerk by 0.02 seconds.

After the victory Guliyev raised the flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

The heads of Azerbaijani sports in pursuit of legionnaires underestimated Guliyev, and he had to leave for Turkey and in 2011 took the citizenship of this country.

Last year, Ramil Guliyev became vice-champion of Europe. -06D--

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