Border Service did not know that three tons of drugs crossed the border

"We have no such information, law enforcement bodies of Georgia did not appeal to us."

In the center of public relations of MNS they did not comment on this fact, recommending to contact the Customs and border services.

In turn, Customs, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General's Office evade comment redirecting the request to each other.

In reports of all law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan they do not mention this fact. It's very strange, given that they are ready to warn the seizure of milligrams of heroin from ordinary citizens. They have special pleasure to report on the law enforcement agencies heroin seizures from journalists or opposition criticizing the power.

Recall that the Georgian Interior Ministry reported the seizure on July 11 of a truck that arrived in Georgia from Azerbaijan with 93 units of 30-kilogram canisters of heroin. At the same time, two citizens of Georgia were arrested.

The cargo was packaged in the form of paint produced by the known company FAB. The truck also had a large advertisement with a picture of FAB paints.

"Withdrawal of the drug in such an amount is unprecedented for Georgia. According to preliminary data of the Criminal Expert Service, the seized narcotic substance contains 80% pure heroin, the market value of which amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars," said the Interior Ministry. -16D-

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