Border Service Suppresses Smuggling Over 42 Kg of Drugs

Baku / 04.05.20 / Turan: On May 1, near the village of Zungulyash in the Astara region, border guards discovered traces of one person who violated the border from Iran and returned back. During operational measures, three bags with a large amount of drugs were found in the same area.

During the test, 42 kg 700 grams of drugs were found in them: 9 kg of heroin, 6 kg 700 grams of methamphetamine, 4 kg 100 grams of marijuana, 19 kg 300 grams of hashish, 1 kg 800 grams of methadone and 1 kg 800 grams of pregabalin, the press service of the Border Service of Azerbaijan stated.

During the operational-search measures, five residents of the Astara region suspected of involvement in the drug trade were detained. During the investigation, the detainees pleaded guilty. -02D-


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