Children’s Paralympic Committee keeps up its activities online

Committee supported by Azercell conducts virtual trainings

The Children's Paralympic Committee, established with the support of Azercell, continues to maintain children with disabilities. The coaches of the Committee work from home online, engaging children into virtual trainings during the lockdown. These events are aimed to boost the children’s energy and to prevent any possible mental issues and depression due to these challenging days whilst all public events are postponed and sports facilities are closed around the world as well as in Azerbaijan. 

The Committee provides children with 9 kinds of sports, including judo, swimming, para taekwondo, powerlifting, boccia, wrestling, table tennis, and wheelchair dance. Due to the efforts of the Committee for 7 years more than 200 children with disabilities have been actively involved in public sports events. The children participated in local and international competitions, achieved high results with the help of professional coaches. Over the past six months, about 40 children with disabilities have joined the Committee. The Children's Paralympic Committee continues its activity to promote enthusiasm in sports and prepare reserve athletes.

It should be noted that the Children's Paralympic Committee was first established in international practice in 2013 under the National Paralympic Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The main goal of the Committee is involvement of children with disabilities in sports, ensuring their integration into society through rehabilitation and habilitation. “Azercell Telecom” LLC, that pays special attention to social projects, has been supporting the activities of the committee since 2014, contributing to this important initiative.®


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