Families of martyrs complain about police brutality

Baku/11.12.18/Turan: On Tuesday, police squads did not allow the families of martyrs demanding payment of compensation to meet in front of the presidential administration.

In response, the protesters began to chant: "Respect the rights of the martyrs." After that, they were pushed aside from the building of the presidential administration.

Demonstrators complained about mistreatment. "We want what we are supposed to do according to the law. We gathered here many times, transmitted our appeals, and now we demand an answer," one of the participants of the action told Turan.

As a result of police brutality, one person became ill and an ambulance was called. Another person, Togrul Gojayev, who had previously been interviewed by the media on this issue, was detained by persons in civilian clothes.

According to the participant of the rally Sevinj Guluzade, Gojayev"s father died in the Karabakh war. She noted that the families of martyrs consider it unacceptable that the presidential administration sends them to the courts.

In the spring of this year, President Ilham Aliyev issued a decree on the payment of one-time compensations amounting 11,000 manat to the families of those killed or missing while defense of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in 1991-97.

Compensation began on October 9. However, many families were denied on the pretext that they received funds in the past. Even the families of police officers are not given a compensation. Citizens' complaints to state bodies are not considered. -06D-

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