Franco-Azerbaijani University summarized the results of the first year

Baku / 02.06.17 / Turan: The Franco-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ) enables Azerbaijani citizens to receive French education, said rector of the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry Mustafa Babanli. Summing up the results of the first year of UFAZ activity, which functions as part of the State University of Oil and Industry, he said that 141 students entered the university in the first year, 120 of them study on state order, and 20 - on a paid basis.

The training is on the basis of the program of the Universities of Strasbourg and Rennes-1, and upon graduation the graduate will receive two diplomas at once: Strasbourg University and AGUNP.

"For the next academic year, 160 students are expected to take exams through the system of the State Examination Center (HEC). For the remaining vacant places it is planned to attract foreign students. Now the issue of allocation of places for foreigners is being considered," Babanli said.

The rector said that currently the teaching staff consists of four teachers of France and seven teachers of Azerbaijan, selected by French specialists.

With the expansion of the university's activities, the composition of teachers will expand and the goal is that 50% of teachers should be full-time teachers of Strasbourg University. Already, French and Azerbaijani companies are interested in university students, which is important for the future employment of graduates, the rector said.

French Ambassador to Azerbaijan Oriela Bushe, in turn, said that applicants enrolled in the university could receive 500-700 points on the GEC system. In addition, the best first-year students of the ASUNP can continue their studies with UFAZ from the second year.

"Training at the UFAZ provides an opportunity for continuing education or employment in the countries of Francophone. This summer 40 university students will be sent to Strasbourg to summer school. They will live in the campus, and will be able to learn about French culture," she said. -71D-

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