Əfqan Sadıqov

Əfqan Sadıqov

Baku / 25.01.18 / Turan: On January 24, a new trial began in the Jalilabad court over the founder and editor of the website Azel.tv, Afghan Sadygov, who is under arrest. Arrested on charges of hooliganism, this time the journalist is accused of slandering Aziz Azizov, the head of the executive branch of the Jalilabad region.

The complaint, in the manner of a private definition, is considered, presided over by Judge Halib Pashayev.

The journalist's lawyer, Elchin Sadygov, who told Radio Azadliq about the trial, said the complaint does not meet the necessary procedural requirements. For this reason, the lawyer asked the court to refuse to accept the application for execution as a private decision.

"The date of the complaint should be indicated in the order of the private definition. However, there is no complaint. The complainant must indicate the name of the author of the article, which is considered a criminal act. This was not presented to the court," said the lawyer.

The defense, referring to procedural legislation, petitioned to call the head of the executive power as a private prosecutor to participate in the trial. However, the petition was not granted.

The court still decided to accept the complaint for execution, and the trial was postponed indefinitely. According to Elchin Sadygov, Afghan Sadygov will be sent to Baku Detention Center No.1. Only then will the date of the continuation of the trial be announced.

The founder and editor of the website Azel.tv Afghan Sadygov was detained on November 22, 2016. He was accused of beating a woman in the building of the executive power. Sadygov himself called this a provocation.

On January 12, 2017 he was sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years and 6 months under Article 127.2.3 (causing less serious harm to health in a dangerous way, out of hooliganism).

However, on November 7, the Supreme Court re-qualified the charge for 127.1 (causing less serious harm to health, not life-threatening), and the term was reduced to one and a half years. At present, there are three months left until the end of the term and the term can be extended.

Human rights organizations have included Afghan Sadygov in the list of political prisoners. Local human rights activists believe the journalist was arrested because of the exposure of offenses committed in the district.

Our attempts to receive any comment from the chief executive failed. In addition, the Azerbaijani authorities do not agree with the opinion that there are political prisoners in the country, arguing that no one is arrested for his views in Azerbaijan. -0--

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