Identified Persons Involved in Embezzlement of Budget Funds

The Ministry of Taxes has spread information according to which identified a group of individuals who participated in the tenders for the use of state budget funds in 2012-2014. About two suspected persons in these groups Turan news agency wrote in 2014-2015.

The press service of the Ministry of Taxes said that the Group manages official of the Nasimi branch of Atrabank Hasanaga Babayev and Sabukhi Haziyev, the identity of which is not reported. These entities were created by 107 companies. It was revealed that members of these groups concealed from the state budget 1 million 270.8 thousand manats.

In the organized group of 9 persons were Alireza Abuzar oglu Karimov and Elvin Jamil oglu Asgarov.

Turan wrote (, the name A. Kerimov appeared in 563 government procurement contracts with 74 companies. In many of these companies Kerimov was Director. In 2010-2013, the company won a tender worth about 9 million manats. In March this year there was announced the beginning of the liquidation process of these companies.

In February 2014 Turan also reported

 ( on Elvin Askerov that participated in the creation of 67 companies in the period from November 18, 2013 to January 9, 2014.

Department for Preliminary Investigation of Tax Crimes of the Ministry of Taxes has forced the group to pay to the state budget 190.5 thousand manats during the investigation. There were seized assets worth 363.9 thousand manats.

Materials on the preliminary investigation of the case were sent to the court and in relation of 7 of the 9 suspects there was remanded arrest. -08B-

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