Media Review January 10, 2019

The development of the private sector, a sharp decline in the number of tourists, and a look at the situation inside the country from abroad are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the development of private entrepreneurship in the country and the formation of a class of entrepreneurs.

Over the past 15 years, the number of business entities has increased 4.2 times, legal entities - 1.9 times, small enterprises - 2 times, and private entrepreneurs - 5 times.

In the country, 75% of jobs come from the private sector.

The website writes about a sharp drop in the number of tourists, so even the 50-dollar hotels are practically empty. Moreover, the decline in the tourist boom in Azerbaijan began around mid-2018.

Usually, in January, places in hotels were booked for March, the Novruz holidays, and mostly they were tourists from Iran. However, this year the hotels are empty, and no one is booking them.

Experts explain the absence of tourists from Iran with the economic situation in this country. Iran has experienced 4 devaluations, and the value of the Iranian currency plummeted. Now $ 100 worth 110 thousand tyumen (previously there were 27 thousand). As for reducing the flow of tourists from Iraq, this is due to the abolition of the simplified visa regime, the expert said.

The website writes about the life of the composer Javanshir Guliyev in Northern Cyprus. He tells about his impressions of the trip to Baku in the summer of 2018. According to him, people look very pessimistic, trying to send their children to study abroad, with the hope that their children will be able to find work there after graduation. And clever and educated leave. According to the composer, the number of Azerbaijanis who are moving to permanent residence in Northern Cyprus has been growing recently.--0--

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