MIA has confirmed violence against believer in Sabirabad

The Press Service of the Interior Ministry commented on the fact of violence against supporters of Wahhabism in Sabirabad, whose video was placed in Youtube.

The spokesman said the fact took place. The names of parties to the conflict have been revealed. The abused is a resident of Kurdamir, who was caught in Sabirabad by the locals and decided to punish him for he conducted religious propaganda there.

The Interior Ministry spokesman said that the persons involved in the conflict were known and necessary measures will be taken. At the same time, he noted that no one has the right to engage in lynching.

Note that the video shows a group of individuals beating a bearded man, and then beginning to forcibly cut his beard with scissors.

Supporters of Wahhabism also responded to the incident. Through a series of religious sites they threatened to avenge the insult and humiliation of their friend. -02D-

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