No News from Missing Climbers

Baku / 22.01.18 / Turan: The search for the missing mountaineers of the extreme sports club Gilavarç Farida Jabrailzadeh, Babur Huseynov and Namin Bunyadzadeh continue. This is stated in the message of the Operational Staff for the search of the mountaineers who have disappeared in the Guba region.

According to the report, search operations are conducted by rescuers of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, Ministry of Ecology staff and volunteers from among professional mountaineers. Since yesterday ANAMA specialists joined the search works.

"In recent days, searches continue on the territory where the climbers allegedly disappeared, and other areas that could be visited by them are being checked," the report said.

Search and rescue operations are carried out in a high-altitude range with a complex relief (at a level of 3,000-3,200 meters above sea level).

Recall that the three climbers disappeared on December 24. They left the village of Khinalig on December 23 and intended to climb the Tufan peak (4,195 m) the next day.

The search for the missing began on December 26, according to one report, and on December 27, according to another. As experts suggest, the climbers were buried under an avalanche on one of the slopes of the mountain. For three weeks of searches the rescuers could not find the climbers themselves, or their tracks.

According to the searchers, the height of the snow cover at the site of the avalanche is up to 8 meters. -02D-

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