The quality of food threatens humanity

Baku/22.01.18 / Turan: Modern technologies already allow feeding the entire population of the Earth, therefore the main threat in the future will be not a hunger, but the quality of food, says the head of the Moscow branch of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Yevgeny Serov.

"In the world of the near future, antibiotics are more likely to lose their ability to protect themselves from disease, and food will be produced on the basis of oil refinery waste. With the growth of global food production, food safety risks are also growing. This is a fairly new and complex problem," Serova noted.

The FAO expert also believes that people need production that leaves resources for future generations.

With the existing approach, 50% more land, water and so on will soon be required. "Where will we get these resources? But if we cut the losses of products by at least half, then we will need to increase production by only 28%," Serova noted.

This requires working with the public consciousness. The modern concept of sustainable development is, among other things, mass consciousness. People should realize that it is already impossible to continue the previous economic growth - there simply are no world resources, she stressed.

Food security is an urgent problem for Azerbaijan, which imports a significant part of its basic food products. Promised reforms in the field of agriculture have not solved the problem of providing the population with local food. -02D-

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