Press Review 12.08.17

Successes in the development of the non-oil sector, problems hampering the development of the country's economy, the disenfranchisement of workers are the leading topics of today's press.

The Azerbaijan writes about the measures taken by the country's leadership to reduce dependence on oil and gas, although Azerbaijan continues to be an oil and gas country. Among the above measures is the development of the non-oil sector and its leading industry - the agrarian sector.

The author gives concrete figures on the already existing successes in the non-oil area.

The Echo published an article: "At the dead-end: one-sided economy, unstable manat and low incomes of the population". If the economy grows two quarters in a row, then the crisis is over. But this is not so. The government still has many tasks to be resolved urgently. Among the factors that impede the development of the country there is the lack of diversification, unstable manat, the problems of banks and low income of the population.

In addition, the struggle against monopoly and corruption is also a headache. The indicators of economic growth are still very low. The Azerbaijani economy began to experience such difficulties not only because of the fall in oil prices.

The economy developed one-sidedly, and sooner or later we had to come to a standstill.

The Novoye Vremya published an article on the country's ranking according to the level of the average monthly income. Azerbaijan took its place in the second hundred countries - on the same level as Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The situation with the incomes of the population is deteriorating, and nothing positive can be observed in the near future.

If you believe the program of measures to improve the business climate, workers will gradually turn into disenfranchised members of society. So, while before the Labor Code was considered good, the current option will stand up for the protection of entrepreneurs.

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