Press Review 27.03.2017

The participation of Azerbaijan in the International Forum, the disparity between the national and international standards of food supply, the misappropriation of budgetary funds, and social networks as a reason for the growth of divorce are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about Azerbaijan's participation in the VI International Communication Forum in Sharjah (UAE), where the country was represented by Deputy Prime Minister Ali Ahmedov.

In his speech at the Forum, he stated the importance of the project “Tasks of Sustainable Development” until 2030 against the background of the prevailing poverty in the world, violations of the ecological balance, diseases, wars and terror.

Ali Ahmedov cited data according to which poverty in Azerbaijan fell from 50 to 5 percent, and about 200 billion USD was invested in the economy, and over 1.5 million jobs were opened.

Echo published an article titled “Mass marbling in Azerbaijan – misappropriation of state budgetary money”. In Europe, there are a lot of cities where old curbs are preserved. Despite the fact that many of them were installed several centuries ago, they have survived.

In Azerbaijan, the opposite situation is observed: curbs and skirting boards made of marble or granite two or three years ago need repair today. Companies and officials who dealt with mass “marbling” should be held accountable. Here we are talking about misappropriation of the state budgetary money.

The website publishes the opinion of the economist Vahid Maharramov about the food standard established by WHO. In a year the person should eat 84 kg of meat and meat products, but in Azerbaijan this figure is at the level of 33 kg. The norm of milk and dairy products is 360 kg, and we have 248 kg. The rate of fish consumption is 20 kg, but we only use 6 kg a year. In eggs, the norm is 280 pieces, and 155 are used.

According to the expert, in Azerbaijan there are 2,242 kilocalories per person a day, while in Georgia this figure is 2,249, in Ukraine it is 2,727, in Belarus it is 3,007, and in Kazakhstan it is 3,095 kilocalories.

The newspaper Bizim Yol writes about the increase in the number of divorces due to scandals around publications in Facebook. So, according to unofficial data, recently more than 3 thousand families have disintegrated due to publications in this social network. The reason for this is likes, comments, photos and other publications. In 2016, 13 thousand families broke up in the country, and 20-30% of them disintegrated because of social networks. -0-

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